NIGHT LASER is a heavy glam metal band from Hamburg, Germany. They are known for energetic live performances, irrepressible enthusiasm and sophisticated songwriting.

With their three albums „Fight for the Night“ (2014), „Laserhead“ (2017) and „Power to Power“ (2020) NIGHT LASER have established themselves as one of the leading new acts of the German metal scene. Especially their outstanding live performance led to a great reputation as an extraordinary live band.

This reputation is well earned, as NIGHT LASER have played more than 180 shows all over Central Europe and the UK. They have been signed in 2022 by the legendary SPV/Steamhammer label from Germany, and are constantly working to continue their story of success. The next chapter in this story was the release of the 3rd studio album „Power to Power“, which came out on Aug 28th 2020. This record shows yet another advancement in the band‘s ability to produce great CDs, including even some thrash metal influences along with the well-known mix of 80s hard rock, heavy metal and glam metal. Where „Laserhead“ boasted Kai Hansen (Helloween, Gamma Ray) as guest vocalist, „Power to Power“ features the German original Andreas „Gerre“ Geremia from the teutonic thrash legends Tankard.

However, NIGHT LASER clearly put their focus on live activities and heavy touring schedules. When it comes to venues that NIGHT LASER will win over in no time, size does not matter at all. Be it little pub or full blown festival stage, they always deliver a spectacular audiovisual experience that has to be whitnessed! And by the way, the fourth album is already being worked on.