Today, our new album POWER TO POWER sees the light of day! We are extremely happy to finally release our third record!! So please go easy on us for making this post really short – we are simply speechless!

Here you can order the new album:


We wish you tons of fun with the new record! Tell us what you think about it! Which songs do you like best? How did you like the videos? Should we do things differently next time?

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Here is the tracklist of the new record:

  1. Street King
  2. Power to Power
  3. Blind Man‘s Reign
  4. Up to Date
  5. Satao
  6. The Game
  7. Prime Minister of Rock‘n‘Roll
  8. Kiss me Today
  9. Thousand Years
  10. Comet
  11. BONUS – Energy Man
  12. BONUS – Winter‘s Night