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Team Members


„Your drummer is always in a good mood, isn’t he?!“ You’ve hit the nail on the head precisely, just like Jonas keeps hitting those drum skins. No one enjoys being on stage as much as this man: A neverending spring of power and fun! Even if you have the worst of all days… Once you […]

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The bassist just stands around in some back corner of the stage? Thanks to Rob, we all know better by now and he is giving it all he’s got at every show to prove this clichee wrong! With thundering sound and roaring backing vocals he sets the fundamental base for a sweaty live sensation. He […]

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As if being a highly telanted guitarist wasn‘t enough… Tony presents you a smoking well trained body and the most wicked guitar models you could wish for! Hundreds of concerts, years of experience and thousands of hours working those instruments. Still you can see him being moved by the magic of the music with every […]

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A real frontman – as Benno is always the first one to point out – is more than „just a guy with a great voice“. There is no show where he doesn‘t push himself to the limit, and he always gives the audience a top notch performance on every level. „If the crowd is happy, […]

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